At Burnett Petroleum Company we believe sustained success can only be achieved by combining proper preparation with the calculated management of risk in decisions we make today and investments for tomorrow. We attribute our own success to moving forward in a calculated manner. By using hindsight from our past, insight from today and foresight into things to come we protect the longevity of our business and the interests of our partners. 
We begin by drawing from our roots in the industry. Our history dates back to 1929 with Arcadia Exploration and Production Company in the great East Texas oil field. This rich history as a company as well as a staff with decades of individual experience gives us a foundation to reflect upon and guides us with careful consideration. Over these years, our proven track record is not just the story of our past, but also an outline for how we write our future. 
Today, the best insight to qualify opportunities comes from detailed information analyzed by the right people. Using the latest technologies in addition to discussions with regional geology and geophysical experts we evaluate the merit of potential projects; only moving forward when the risk assessment fits our model. As we focus on the long term success of our organization, it requires these exploratory ventures as well as exploiting each asset with the utmost efficiency. Our prospect generation through product sales is executed with attention to even the finest details as evidence from our sterling performance records. 
Looking forward, our diversified model gives us the agility we need to respond to an unpredictable market on the horizon. By leveraging our experience, carefully curating the right portfolio of opportunities, and consistently executing in the field with excellence we can best serve our land owners, our investors and the longevity of our business. So while we may not know exactly what the future brings in our industry, we are poised to "make our own luck" if aligned with Gods will.



We use the experience of the past 80 years to guide us through the opportunities of the future



We insure our partners get the most out of every opportunity by focusing on the details big and small



We focus our team's seasoned level of industry experience to get the most out of each opportunity



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