Burnett Petroleum Company owns working interest and royalty interest in over 335 Producing wells located in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.  In addition, the company is currently active in several exploration programs in these areas as well as Kansas.  The company is committed to prospect generation and infield exploitation drilling projects.  Arcadia Operating Company as a working interest owner operates more than 90 wells on Burnett controlled properties located in East Texas and along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast regions.  The various operations include infield development in the company’s legacy area, Talco Field in East Texas, to deep high pressure gas wells located in South Texas

On acquisitions

As in the past, Burnett Petroleum will continue to seek acquisitions in and around areas where it is currently active. At the same time, we will endeavor to be opportunistic and pursue purchases in new areas of operation which offer a unique probability for value creation and/or provide an entrée into an area of considerable future growth potential. Over the years our ability to purchase oil and gas assets and exploit them has accounted for a great part of our continuous success. Experience gives us the ability to understand the current market and to expedite the acquisition review process. Our veteran team of professionals has the ability to review and understand the geophysics, land, environmental, operations, and reservoir engineering aspects of a package of properties and the intention to create a fair minded Purchase and Sales agreement. Working with the desire to accommodate potential sellers interested in our exploitation programs, we have the flexibility to work with those interested in selling all or a portion of their properties. 

On new development

Burnett Petroleum is actively generating exploration prospects in conventional plays around the Midwestern and Southern portions of the United States. All internally generated projects are developed using advanced geophysical technologies in combination with geology that relies on a level of well control. Our interest is primarily in projects with multi-well potential that allow for sufficient value creation and a favorable risk reward profile. We feel that it is always important to solicit regional expertise into our prospect development process in areas where our experience is less extensive.

On Exploitation

Through the years it has been a primary goal of Burnett Petroleum to lead the field in the ability to fully exploit the assets it operates. We believe this skill will play a major role in our future success and is what has allowed us to achieve extraordinary levels of profitability in the past. The ability to exploit assets to new and sometimes unrealized potential is a major part of the business planning of BPC.



Over the years Burnett Petroleum Company has acquired mineral and royalty interests throughout the great South West encompassing five states. Many of these interests were purchased during the Arcadia Refining Company days going back to the 1930’s. Burnett Petroleum Company has continued this legacy and actively pursues mineral and royalty acquisition opportunities today. 

If you are looking to sell your mineral rights, royalty interests, overriding royalty interests, or working interests please feel free to contact at 214-521-4900.